Spiral Up Economics: The Evolution of Our Society into the Future We want

Geologic evolution. Plesitocene. Ecocene. etc.

Species evolution. Homo erectus. Homo Sapiens.

Societal evolution. Trade: free! Feudal society. Merchantilism. Lazifaire Capitalism.  Free market capitalism.

Two flaws. externalities. network effects. tax benefits exacerbate.

Poor solutions.

Socialism. Another network effect.

Communism. Network effect.

Capital spires. Spirenomics. Spirex.

Spiral capital loop people in. 

[Networkism. Creditism. Loopism. Spiraloopzism.  Spiral pathway.  Spiraloopist. Spiralupism. Ecospiral. Econetworkism. Ecological network.  Spiralsync. society.  Not quite .]

Network effects. Tech under pinning.  tax credits exacerbate network effect. tax benefit is societal cost. spiral makes sure it benefits community. Needs to continue evolving until it produces the society we want.


Solutions are capitalism with social benefits. Argue over how much and how to pay.  network effect is a mechanism. a process. created from a field of economic properties spawned in capitalism. an economic field produced by capitalism.  in chaos theory they call the network effector a strange attractor.

Spiral interconnected loops create an economic field. With its own properties. If spiral interconnecting loops eliminate network effects, then it is gives us a future of prosperity and abundance. It is the path along which we want economics to evolve.

Can we use spiral intermeshing loops to reduce defense spending while increasing clean energy deployment  which produces universal dividend income? Eliminating the network effect builds a strong, lasting economy.

Can we use spiral loops to create a functioning healthcare system?

[social capitalism. Socialism. Communism].

How do I get on the spiral path. Spiral velocity. Spiral momentum.



efficiency of resource allocation thru economic strength.  three dimensional  efficient allocation analysis. not efficient if it goes into bigger houses for a few and shanty dwellings for the majority.

network effects. Spiralnomics resolves both flaws. tax benefits flow to population. Benefit can be a capital asset with an associated income stream.

Spiral. Looping society. Your effort feedbacks to your benefit. Spiralnomics.

Door was warm in some spots. Not in others.


Fire extinguisher cost ?

Didn’t have $ because spending 50 on alarm system


Damage would b really insanity curve to catastrophic

Cost was less than alarm and then nothing to protect


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