Climate Change and the Transformational Moment

I’d like to say that I came back from the future to tell you the following: Climate change was controlled. How? We took defense spending and used it to deploy clean energy and carbon reduction assets.

The moment when we have a coordinated reduction in defense spending will be a transformational moment. We will no longer be on the road to self destruction.

When spending on clean energy deployment and carbon capture exceeds defense spending, that is a transitional moment. We are on a path to enriching ourselves and the planet.

When these lines cross, we are no longer who we were. We are on a path to who we will become. We will be on a path that has a future.  A path that has a future. Let’s get there! Its that simple! Let’s get to this point! This is the cross over to the point to the future. Once we cross this point we cross a threshold into a future with the potential for fulfillment and joyfulness for all of humankind.

Here is where we are on the Gradient: show military spending vs clean energy spending. We are this far from the zeta point.

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