Climate Change and the Transformational Moment

I’d like to say that I came back from the future to tell you the following: Climate change was controlled. How? We took defense spending and used it to deploy clean energy and carbon reduction assets.

The moment when we have a coordinated reduction in defense spending will be a transformational moment. We will no longer be on the road to self destruction.

When spending on clean energy deployment and carbon capture exceeds defense spending, that is a transitional moment. We are on a path to enriching ourselves and the planet.

When these lines cross, we are no longer who we were. We are on a path to who we will become. We will be on a path that has a future.  A path that has a future. Let’s get there! Its that simple! Let’s get to this point! This is the cross over to the point to the future. Once we cross this point we cross a threshold into a future with the potential for fulfillment and joyfulness for all of humankind.

Here is where we are on the Gradient: show military spending vs clean energy spending. We are this far from the zeta point.

Spiral Up Economics: The Evolution of Our Society into the Future We want

Geologic evolution. Plesitocene. Ecocene. etc.

Species evolution. Homo erectus. Homo Sapiens.

Societal evolution. Trade: free! Feudal society. Merchantilism. Lazifaire Capitalism.  Free market capitalism.

Two flaws. externalities. network effects. tax benefits exacerbate.

Poor solutions.

Socialism. Another network effect.

Communism. Network effect.

Capital spires. Spirenomics. Spirex.

Spiral capital loop people in. 

[Networkism. Creditism. Loopism. Spiraloopzism.  Spiral pathway.  Spiraloopist. Spiralupism. Ecospiral. Econetworkism. Ecological network.  Spiralsync. society.  Not quite .]

Network effects. Tech under pinning.  tax credits exacerbate network effect. tax benefit is societal cost. spiral makes sure it benefits community. Needs to continue evolving until it produces the society we want.


Solutions are capitalism with social benefits. Argue over how much and how to pay.  network effect is a mechanism. a process. created from a field of economic properties spawned in capitalism. an economic field produced by capitalism.  in chaos theory they call the network effector a strange attractor.

Spiral interconnected loops create an economic field. With its own properties. If spiral interconnecting loops eliminate network effects, then it is gives us a future of prosperity and abundance. It is the path along which we want economics to evolve.

Can we use spiral intermeshing loops to reduce defense spending while increasing clean energy deployment  which produces universal dividend income? Eliminating the network effect builds a strong, lasting economy.

Can we use spiral loops to create a functioning healthcare system?

[social capitalism. Socialism. Communism].

How do I get on the spiral path. Spiral velocity. Spiral momentum.



efficiency of resource allocation thru economic strength.  three dimensional  efficient allocation analysis. not efficient if it goes into bigger houses for a few and shanty dwellings for the majority.

network effects. Spiralnomics resolves both flaws. tax benefits flow to population. Benefit can be a capital asset with an associated income stream.

Spiral. Looping society. Your effort feedbacks to your benefit. Spiralnomics.

Door was warm in some spots. Not in others.


Fire extinguisher cost ?

Didn’t have $ because spending 50 on alarm system


Damage would b really insanity curve to catastrophic

Cost was less than alarm and then nothing to protect


Apply 12% of WW Annual Defense Spending to Reduction of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Capture and We Will End Global Warming

With the reallocation of 12% of World Wide Annual Defense spending toward clean energy deployment and carbon capture we can keep global warming under 2 degrees.

We can be 100% Clean energy.

…. With full-on clean energy Storage

And we will be removing carbon from the atmosphere at a pace that we will enable us to keep temperature rise below 2.0%.

We will not have flooded coastal cities.

We will have millions of jobs installing clean energy facilities.

We will not have a plague of droughts and floods and ruined crops.

We will have a stable climate with healthy oceans, species preservation.

We won’t have per capita defense spending of $2,500 per person per year.

We will, instead, produce and harvest clean energy as an asset providing universal income for everyone.

That last part …

The Threat that Climate Change Presents is the Best thing that could happen to Humankind: Or the Good News is that There are Two Threats to Civilization


Threat of climate change is the best thing that could happen to humankind. We will have to work together to preserve our planet. Working together is a prerequisite for  obviating the other threat. Ruinous military spending. The Will to wage Destruction into preserving the planet we love. climate defense. That spending is unproductive. Continue wasting money until civilization collapses. Just as we have seen before in the crumbling of many an empire; the Roman Empire spent its treasure on war. The Mayans disappeared due to a different climate change. Fighting together to reverse climate change shows us the path to working down the threat posed by massive resource waste. Too much defense spending will crash civilization.

Global Defense Expenditures. 

  1. Each %GDE transition to GCR drives job creation. 
  2. Job creation drives revenue increase. 
  3. Revenue increase = tax revenue increase. 
  4. Tax credit = renewable energy adoption
  5. Renewable energy adoption = carbon emission reduction

%GDE to GCR drives net jobs drives Clean Energy Adoption = emission reduction. Solve this problem by spending money productively;  In the transition to clean energy.  Creating the framework to do so could look like this:

1%     New Clean energy

WW Economic growth improves.

Here is the input:

Here is the output:

2.5% New Clean energy + Carbon renewal (with CE tax credits)

WW Economic growth is increased by _____%. That’s pretty good.

5% New Clean energy + Carbon renewal (with CE tax credits)

WW Economic growth is increased by _____%. That’s pretty great.

At 5% Projected Temperature Rise is: _____ degrees.

10% New Clean energy + Carbon renewal (with CE tax credits)

WW Economic growth is increased by _____%.  Pretty awesome.

Projected Temperature Rise is: __________ degrees.

15% New Clean energy + Carbon renewal (with CE tax credits)

WW Economic growth is increased by _____%.  Pretty  insane.

Projected Temperature Rise is increased by ________%.

20%   New Clean energy + Carbon renewal (with CE tax credits)

WW Economic growth is increased by _________%.  Pretty insanely.

Projected Temperature Rise is increased by ________%.

This Diagram explains the dynamic:

1%_ GDE Tech + RD Figure 2.31%_ GDE Tech + RD Figure 2.3

Interconnected economies create a greater economy.

Start anywhere because one economy drives another which then generates inputs  which drive the initial state chosen by the observer.

$1 input in clean  = 4 jobs.



The 1% Solution Uses Defense Expenditures to Avert Catastrophic Climate Change


The governments whose duly authorized representatives have subscribed hereto,

Recognizing that the world’s people face daunting challenges to the quality of human existence and the existence of multiple species due to strains placed on the intricate and delicate balance of ecosystems to provide fresh air, clean water a reliable food chain which supports life;

Recognizing that vast resources are exhausted in the balance of defense capabilities of one nation against another;

Recognizing that the equally proportioned decrease of defense expenditures will preserve military parity while freeing resources to be reallocated for the benefit of humankind;

Recognizing that the world economy will benefit by using those funds, which would have gone to produce armaments, to produce goods which increase the productivity of people and, of the greater economic growth and employment generated by funds invested in the civilian sector of the economy relative to the same funds devoted to military spending;

Recognizing that in taking funds whose end use may be to kill and maim and instead using those funds to heal and to nurture we reverse the arms race and take another step toward strengthening the community of human beings;

Desiring to make a portion of those funds consumed by defense spending available for the benefit of human beings while maintaining military parity;

Annual defense expenditures of each of the Contracting Governments will be provided by each the Contracting Governments for Clean Energy Tax Credits.

 Geo-populations which contribute tax credits will proportionately enjoy clean energy revenue as a means to fund a universal dividend income fund. 

Have agreed as follows:


  1. The Contracting Governments agree to form a body to certify 
  2. The clean energy tax design group will match up clean energy tax credits with defense cuts.
  1. The Clean Tax Credit Design  Loop will have a board member from each  Loopicon.  Each board member shall have one vote and may be accompanied by one or more experts and advisors.  A ”Contracting Government” shall be any government which has deposited an instrument of ratification, given notice of adherence to this Accord and made the concomitant investment.
  2. The GCE Wealth Fund shall determine its own Rule of Procedure.Decisions of the GCE Wealth Fund shall be taken by a simple majority of those members voting.
  3. The GCE Wealth Fund may appoint its own Secretary and staff.
  4. The GCE Wealth Fund may set up, from among its own members and experts or advisors, such committees as considers desirable to perform such functions as it may authorize.
  5. The expense of each member of the GCE Wealth Fund and of his experts and advisors shall be determined by his own government.
  6. The first meeting of the GCE Wealth Fund Board will be convened once this agreement enters into force in pursuance of Article IV as arranged by the United Nations Security Council.
  7. Subsequent meetings of the GCE Wealth Fund Board shall be convened as the GCE Wealth Fund Board may determine.


  1. Funds may be placed with companies that receive government tax subsidies in addition to private funding; pension funds, institutional investors, qualified hedge and venture funds; in companies with products which enhance life and the ecosystem of the planet and are approved by the GCE Wealth Fund Board.
  2. Five percent of the annual defense expenditures of each of the Contracting Governments will be provided by each the Contracting Governments for Clean Energy Tax Credits. Geopopulations which contribute tax credits will proportionately enjoy clean energy revenue as a means to fund a universal dividend income fund. 


Contracting Governments will agree that future peace time defense budgets will not exceed the percentage of GNP of the current defense budget.


Contracting Governments will only provide funds to the Commission once this agreement is ratified by those nations constituting the largest percentages of defense expenditures adding up to at least 50% of the funds expended internationally for defense. Accordingly, those nations spending the most on defense would become signatories prior to this agreement going into effect.



Contracting Governments may agree to increase the percentage of defense expenditures reallocated for human benefit. An agreement to increase that percentage would enter into force once those nations constituting the largest percentage of defense expenditures adding up to at least 50% of the funds expended internationally for defense had agreed to increase that percentage.



Each contracting party shall enact and enforce such legislation and other measures as may be necessary for the purpose of giving effect to this agreement.



  1. This Accord shall be ratified on the date of the deposit of its instrument of ratification or the receipt of its ratification of adherence with the United Nations Security Council.
  2. The United Nations Security Council shall inform all other signatory Governments and all adhering Governments of all ramifications deposited and adherences received.

The 1% Solution: How to Fund Clean Energy and Carbon Capture

We all face an existential threat.

The threat of climate failure.

It is clear that we have solutions.

It is clear that we can pay for the solution.

Clear in that we find a way to spend a zillion dollars on military stuff.

Need a mechanism to use those to fund these solutions while maintaining defense.

How, but how do we fund these solutions?

Yet, we do have money to prepare annihilation of other forms of sentitent life.

If we use the money we spend preparing to annihilate each other, we’d have $1.67T per year (2018).

It won’t be 81 years from now before we stop this anti-civilization measure and reduce defense spending to 5% of what is spent on education. Is it 82 years? No, it’ll be 82 years from now.  (check paper, March 5, so …)*NA%20%7C%20USA%20%7C%20EN%20%7C%20Non-Brand%20%7C%20Environmental%20%7C%20MBM&utm_term=%2Bcarbon%20%2Bcapture&utm_content=Carbon%20Capture

The equivalent of nearly 37 billion tonnes of waste carbon dioxide.

1% solution.   $16.7B

 Carbon capture

Carbon Engineering Claims Direct Air Capture Of Carbon Costs Less Than $100 Per Ton

“When carbon dioxide is delivered at 15 MPa, the design requires either 8.81 GJ of natural gas, or 5.25 GJ of gas and 366 kWh of electricity per ton of CO2 captured. Depending on financial assumptions, energy costs, and the specific choice of inputs and outputs, the levelized cost per ton CO2 captured from the atmosphere ranges from $94 to $232 per ton of carbon dioxide.”

The exhaust from a coal-fired power station is around 10% carbon dioxide, however, whereas the level in the atmosphere is a mere 0.04%. But scientists working on air capture suggest that this difference is not as significant as it may seem, and that the kinds of industrial methods needed to strip CO2 from the air have already been proven in industrial processes such as papermaking.

1% of GDE = Remove 160,000,000 tons  Global Defense Expenditures

160,000,000 / 37,000,000,000 = .4%

Asked when you would be using calculus, at least my kids do, but finally …

well, still not using calculus. Just move this dot.

10% GDE = 1,600,000,000

1,600,000,000 / 37,000,000,000 = 4%

Now we are using calculus. To save the planet …

Increase GDE to GCR from 1% to 20% in 10 years

8,000,000,000 carbon removal

20% reduction of emissions


Net job creation from reducing emissions = 5,000,000

Annual GDP growth = .8% increase = $800,000,000,000

Net global tax revenue (20% of GDP) =  $160,000,000,000

Reinvest $100,000,000,000 in tax credits = more jobs = more removal

Tipping point of funding carbon removal and climate change roll back is only 10% of GDE to GSR.

Every 1% transfer reduces carbon and increases employment and GDP +++ less global tension.


One way in which air capture and renewable energy might fit together, however, would be to divert excess power from wind farms to air-capture systems. Wind farms sometimes produce more power than utilities can use, particularly if it gets windy at night, when electricity demand is low. Some utilities turn off their wind turbines to avoid overloading their grids. Dr. Lackner suggests diverting it instead to air-capture systems. In theory, air-capture systems could then operate at a profit by generating carbon offsets that could be sold on carbon-trading markets. Dr. Lackner even suggests selling such offsets at petrol stations, along with fuel.

TIPPING POINT: only 10% … keep increasing GDE to %?

and solve more problems!!

Solar  energy job creation:

Every million invested = 9.8 jobs                    Direct 5.4, Indirect 4.4

Average wage:

Wind energy job creation

Every million invested = 9.5 jobs                    Direct 4.6. Indirect 4.9

Average wage: $40,000                                  

Net 5 jobs over coal, natural gas, oil.

We can productively use $1T of investment.

Tax revenue = net increase of $36,000 per $1M invested.

(5 net jobs x $40,000 average wage) x (Tax revenue =18%)  = $36,000 net tax revenue

$1,000,000 equipment = $170,000 tax revenue + $36,000 = $207,000

20% tax credit.

50% financing = additional GNP growth

Borrowing increases the money supply.

(Increased money supply)^(velocity of money) =  ($500,000) (1.7) = $850,000

$850,000 x 18% = $153,000

$170,000 + $153,000 + $27,000 = $350,000

Tax revenue = Equipment + Increased employment + Increased Money Supply

Every $1 borrowing = (increased money creation) x (velocity of money)


$7B carbon capture +


$10B carbon capture + solar + wind



When we get to 25%, tipping point. Fund all cc solutions.

And the world is a  less hostile place.

Cost of not funding solutions?

The cost is $67T.